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James Kelly: Experimental guitarist | Jack Adams: producer

A new metal project between James Kelly (Wife, Altar of Plagues) and UK DJ / Producer Jack Adams (Mumdance). Their eponymous debut album, out September 28th on True Panther Sounds/Profound Lore, is the stunning result of an unlikely partnership soldering an even more unlikely melange of sounds.

BLISS SIGNAL takes the frenzy and repetition of body-focused electronic music and pairs it with extreme metal’s core elements, resulting in a visceral, often hypnotic, hybrid that belongs neither on a dance floor norin a mosh pit. Awash in ethereal textures, blast beats are simulated by drum machines while synths soar over heavily distorted shredding guitar.

Beginning as a handful of fruitful writing sessions between Kelly and Adams, in preparation for a live debut at Unsound Festival Krakow 2017, the scope of the project quickly expanded. The ‘Bliss Signal’ album was completed in Spring 2018 with tracking, overdubs and mixing done at Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez-Arellano (Paradise Lost, Sunn O), Ghost, Cathedral), followed by mastering at London’s Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright (Radiohead, Bjork).

Naive Ted

A founding member of international skratch DJ collective Community Skratch and of groups Vince Mack Mahon, Flying Buttresses & Grandeurs of Delusion, Naive Ted has been releasing music for over a decade.

Long known as a purveyor of wildly experimental alternative late-night hip-hop, Ted is nothing if not prolific, with remix/production work in collaboration with Jinx Lennon, windings, Post-Punk Podge, Morning Veils, God Knows, SertOne, Murli, Lankum, Same D4ence, Working Class Records, NanuNanu and Ceara Conway.

In recent years Ted’s output has veered erratically into the realms of dance music. Difficult dance music perhaps, but dance music nonetheless. Last year’s collaboration with Murli (Rusangano Family) consolidated this duality, beginning as a slice of powerful techno soul before disassembling in a flurry of broken beats under a dense strata of clattering arpeggios:

His recent live shows have garnered much praise and occasional bemusement. A wonky hybrid of turntablism skills, good ol’ fashioned quick-mix DJing and a hefty dose of personality and somewhat unnerving dancing results in a performance that is unjustifiable in reason and incommunicable in words.

A hugely respected odd-ball gem of the underground music scene….seeing Ted in the flesh is the only way to truly believe.


One of Ireland’s most criminally under-rated acts…..Wielding a sort of hectic poeticism throughout, Ted’s frenetic beats, sampling and machine bashing make for a chaotic but constantly exhilarating listen.” (The Thin Air, ‘MAGAZINES’ review)

“The highlight of this year’s Open Ear festival was Naive Ted’s wrestling/turntablism/live assault on the senses late on the Saturday night….a warped tricky and wholly unique blend of techno, hip-hop and 70s prog rock.” (Kenny Hanlon on Nialler9)

“The Don of weirdo Irish beats…” (


Eamon Ivri: composer & producer

Lighght has had a busy 2018, having released a solo record on Dream Catalogue (UK) and a collaborative effort with Cnámha on Sidechains (Australia). Part of Cork’s Diffract crew, Lighght’s music explores an intersection of wild sound material – from crushing Industrial beats, glittering psychedelic Ambient backdrops and bracketed by broken Club sonics.


Mark Waldron Heydon: composer & producer

Baltic is an experimental/ambient tape-centred musical project mixing found-sound, acoustic instruments, sampling and tape manipulation composed by Mark Waldron-Hyden. He has released 3 collections of music in 2018 and another release in early 2019. “Treatment” 1 & 2, explores how sound occupies space with acoustic instruments and the rhythmic possibilities of tape noise.

“Dúnta”, also released in 2018 is a project that experiments with the sampling of traditional Irish music to highlight its psychedelic tendencies and its likeness to electronic and kosmische music. “Inherited AWM”, released early 2019, is a collection of compositions using only a Yamaha PSR-75, dwelling on the concept of unintentional inheritance of traits passed on from parents to their offspring.



One fifth of CSF 2018 act the Ellenberger Trio, who will bring his dark textured live experimental techno set to The Kino. Expect improvised vocals and cutting words.


Underling is a solo audio-visual performer whose work draws on minimalist, baroque and experimental electronic music.

Last Eden

Aileen Wallace: Sound Artist/Composer/Interdisciplinary Artist

Last Eden is an experimental project by Aileen Wallace. Wallace is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound artist. Last Eden unites her passion for ambient music, improvisation, and sound art using bespoke DIY microphones, cassette recorders, and an array of unusual performance methods. It is through these mediums which she creates immersive and thoughtful sonic worlds, beckoning soundscapes and ethereal saturated tape loops, drones, and guitar swells.

UCC Javanese Gamelan Ensemble

The gamelan is a spectacular set of tuned bronze percussion instruments played by an ensemble of up to 20 musicians. And the West Cork Gamelan Orchestra is about to launch this music from the island of Java in Indonesia


UCC’s Sound Sound Day

UCC’s department of music presents Sound Sound Day a program of established artists in experimental sound and an exhibition of music from graduates of UCC experimental sound practice masters.

Sonic Histories of Cork City
There’ll be a recording workshop open to all. Those with a smartphone will be shown how to install the SHOCC app, which allows them to make recordings and upload them, along with info about where and when they were made, to the SHOCC website. Then, participants will travel out into the city to make recordings at interesting sites. Later in the day, there’ll be a look at what was recorded and where.


– Music and Neuroscience. Talks on the signification of EEGs and aspects of neuroscientific research in music by Alexander Khalil (Music) and guests
– Danijela Kulezic-Wilson: The Erotics of Cinematic Listening


– The amazing german vocal improviser Ute Wassermann with local performers
– Students of the brand new MA Experimental Sound Practice plus guests
– Cork Audio Visual Ensemble (CAVE)


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Irene Buckley: composer | Elaine Howley: vocalist | Roslyn Steer: composer/vocalist

Irene Buckley, Elaine Howley, and Roslyn Steer present ‘Crevice’, a collaborative exploration in sound. An improvisatory approach to song-writing provides plenty of opportunity for experimentation as electronic sounds and voices weave different worlds. Music to get lost in.

Crevice released their debut album ‘In Heart’ on Fort Evil Fruit in 2017.

“This music’s brimming with pristine confidence and something approaching pop aspirations. It’s a funereal whisper for sure, but it’s probably the prettiest one you’ll ever hear. ” – The Quietus

“This is a vital and beautifully-woven release, spanning a huge spectrum of influence and excavating some profound psychic, cosmic and emotional territory. ” – The Thin Air. (Crevice).


Jennifer Moore: multimedia artist

Jennifer Moore is a multimedia artist working with sound and moving image. She studied fine arts in NCAD, Dublin and was selected to take part in the Red Bull Music Academy Montreal, 2016. She continues to explore various sonic possibilities through her work as a dj, producer and artist.

She also has a particular interest in the structural developments of contemporary sonic arts education and accessibility. With an academic background in sonic arts– Jenn finds inspiration through listening to an array of sonic practices.

Her decision to attend a red bull music academy had career-changing consequences and her experience of being the minority in the room only increased her drive to succeed. Jennifer performance at Cork Sound Fair 2018 was very well received (Dream cycles Live at Cork Sound Fair 2018)


Jimmy has been producing and performing experimental electronic music for over a decade under the moniker Darqhorse, and In recent years Lambdancer, a project he started with his wife, Cork based artist Siân Brown.

Earlier this year he acquired his MA in Art & Technology from UL, creating a spatialsed composition for 28 speakers using modular synthesis as his thesis project. Jimmy’s main concept looks at the hallucinatory effects of the hypnagogic state and how that can be artistically portrayed.

Rachel Ní Chuinn & Renata Pekowsk

Rachel Ní Chuinn: sound artist.

Renata Pekowsk: performative light and shadow artist.

At every point in the universe, there exists a cosmic background radiation; a remnant from when the universe appeared out of nothing. This afterglow of the big bang appears not as light but as radio waves.


This is the point of departure for an improvised collaboration between light and sound.  Renata Pekowska works with light and Rachel Ní Chuinn works with sound. For this performance, both artists are using key structural points that give equal weight to the sonic and the visual. Renata will be using a super-directional halogen light source that creates precise shadows and Rachel will be using electronics and clarinet in their pseudo-scientific, performative and curious adventure around the universe.

Renata’s website
Rachel’s website

Josh Warry

Josh is an Australian Sound Artist who relocated to Ireland in mid-2018.

Coming from backgrounds in both club and experimental music, it wasn’t until Josh began his studies in Sonic Arts at University that he began to move away from DJing and focused primarily on his own music. 

Originally producing Ambient music, he has gradually abandoned the genre’s gentle hesitance to dominate the soundscape to create physical, freeform works that are as intricate as they are crushing.

Antakya Remains

Experimental ‘ill-telligent trance’ duo, Antakya Remains, bring echo-laden synths and tape loop samples to the fore, creating immersive sonic textures with pounding hypnotic beats. Led by two producers, Dan Guiney from Cork underground synth band Strawk, and Taf Hassam founder of the independent art/music venue, New Conditions, Amsterdam.

“A fascinating combination of rich sound.” Aidan Hanratty (The Thin Air)


Fashioned from the earth, we are souls in clay form.

Salac are a mysterious two piece that come drenched in dirt, wine and blood, hailing from seperate cold corners of the Occult World. Sculpting séances of sound with tape machines, together the duo ignite sacred fires through walls of noise, voice, disjointed rhythm structures and intense ceremonial performance.


NONSLEEP is a collaboration consisting of Patrick Cullen (Altered Hours) and Eoghan Horgan (underling). NONSLEEP like to think they make a form of ephemeral pop music which evokes unconscious and dreamlike crypto memories within a fog of glossy aesthetics.


Wino Wagon

Dj Set from the Wino Wagon Crew + Davy Kehoe Record Launch


Irish born, Berlin based producer and DJ with a unique approach to bass, techno and off kilter club music. ELLLL has carved out a distinctive voice thanks to sets and production’s laced with breaks, abstract experimentation, disjointed techno and bass heavy club.

2019 has seen ELLLL release two new EP’s, including ‘FEBREEZE’ on Dublin’s First Second Label, exploring shimmering melodic motifs and gliding breakbeats, and ‘CONFECTIONARY’ on Glacial Industries, an EP showcasing left field, icy, percussive drum tracks.


Resident with Cuttin’ Heads and RTE Pulse there’s no denying Shiv’s skills on the decks. Her Skirmish website and shows on Pulse show her versatility as she’s not afraid to change things up, bringing dancers on a journey through a serious selection of electro, techno and everything in between.

Having honed her style over the last number of years at raves and clubs she is set to make an impression on any dance floor. Having played alongside acts such as Jerome Hill and Neil Landstrumm you can be guaranteed to get a taste of rave in everything she does while tipping her hat to the more straight up side of techno and funkier side of electro.

Aoife O’Neill



Chris Somers


Darren Li